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About Our Staff

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About our guides

    Each of our guides is a real expert in his or her field of expertise. From artists and art historians, who guide our city and museum tours, to our jungle trekkers -naturalists, ornithologists or archaeologists- going through our river guides, mountaineers and divers, each and every one of our guides is a master at what he or she does and loves!!! That is why traveling with us you will learn and enjoy... while your comfort, safety and well being are our top priority.

    Most of our staff were conservationists long before becoming involved in ecotourism and were wilderness explorers, who made great long-lasting friendships with people in rural communities. In other words, we were ecotourists ourselves, long before the term was even "invented" in the 1980s. It is this great friendship and trust that serves as the base for all of our operations and mutually beneficial relationships with people and nature!!! All of our staff are trained professionals, who excel in their areas of expertise.

About our equipment

    Our equipment is state of the art gear... ranging from our vehicles to everything at our camp sites and field gadgets... We have comfortable equipment that is environmentally friendly and safe. Everything we have from tents and camping chairs to cookware is specially thought-out to avoid waste and pollution.

    We haven’t left anything to chance... We carry first-aid kits including every imaginable cure to every possible condition in a jungle setting... (including snakebite antidotes, anti-histamines, pain relievers, vitamins and natural remedies).  Our staff are also trained paramedics and know how to handle emergencies for our extreme adventures and action sports operations. We have all of this and more: GPS, altimeters, infrared vision telescopes for wildlife observation by night and great 4X4 vehicles, specially built for the type of traveling involved.

About our meals

    Our meals are well thought out: balanced, healthy and nutritious. We know when you need more energy that you can use fast... and we know when a tablet of vitamin C might help you get a fresh start the following morning if you are not used to rugged terrain... This will help you enjoy the uniqueness of exploring nature with us. We use only the freshest and finest organic ingredients in preparing our meals and, of course, our secret ingredients in everything we do: love and respect...

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