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    Being involved in ecotourism means much more than taking people through the jungle... We do more than watch the flora and fauna or visit archaeological sites of great value... To us ecotourism is not a marketing strategy but a statement about our involvement and objectives...  What it means to us is working for the conservation of the very ecosystems we visit, protecting the endangered species from irresponsible human behavior and its effects, as well as supporting and respecting local cultures in their own development the way they understand it and not the way western culture may dictate... We hope to be helping secure the areas we visit for the sons and daughters of nature to live in...

    Ecotourism and Adventure Specialists is currently supporting hands-on projects where our partners are contributing to make a difference, however small, in the destinies of many people we know and work closely with in rural communities... Our partners are helping preserve the last Forest Society, the last Cloud Forest- where the Quetzal Bird lives or the last lagoons where the Scarlet Macaws nest and feed... They are sharing their cosmic vision and welcoming those who know and appreciate these ancient values as a part of their own family!

    Our partners are preserving medicinal plants and want to share their knowledge about the great healing powers of plants, demonstrating the deep connection between our well-being and the magic of the natural world! They are showing they can make a living making an adequate use of the jungle and its resources and have asked us to help them commercialize their handicrafts and products... All of our staff are committed to help rescue the Scarlet Macaw.  A young macaw chick appears on our logo, a symbol of health, hope and beauty!

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