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Maya Shamans

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Maya Shamans

     The Maya civilization were highly spiritually evolved and one of the most advanced cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Their society’s activities were directed by priests, who had the key to the secrets of healing, science, astrology and mathematics.

     Today, their culture is undergoing a revival. Maya Shamans still keep in their souls the knowledge of this great civilization. We have been working with them and have learned a little about the way they live in harmony with nature, understanding that we (humans, animals and plants...) are all spiritual beings. Each of us is living for a specific purpose and plays a role in Creation. We need each other for our survival, just as we need to learn and understand the connection to other philosophies and religions from around the world!

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     We respect and admire their cultural heritage and try to give them the place they deserve for their invaluable work, as we believe, much needed clarity in our world could come through their teachings.

     You could first visit a Shaman in his or her village and then join the "Sacred Space Center of Light", built overlooking the volcanoes and mountains that surround one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Atitlan, in Solola, Guatemala. This is a place dedicated to raising consciousness and understanding of human spiritual nature. Here the Maya Shamans share their ideas with people from different cultures and religions.

     Meet them and have the opportunity of cleansing and healing yourself with medicinal plants, bathing with sacred herbs. Be a part of their ceremonies and ancient rituals. Celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, special ceremonies and the Maya New Year, inspired in the revolutions of the Sun and the Moon, and the movements of Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn...



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