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Expected Results

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Ecotourism Project:  Expected Results

WCS has finished negotiations with the Guatemala’s Institute of Anthropology and History (the government institution in charge of safeguarding archaeological sites) to support the construction of the Uaxactun kiosk in Tikal. During the first year the kiosk will be built and staffed by volunteers associated with those capturing tourism benefits in the community.

In the first year  two of the miradores that will be developed in conjunction with the Uaxactun Eco-Cultural Guide Association will be built, as well as trails linking the miradores.  A third mirador will be built in the second year along with other carefully planned trails. In the third year trails and miradores will be maintained.

A system for additional investments in ecotourism will be defined by OMYC to allow for future investments by the village without dependence on donations and according to Uaxactun’s needs and plans for their own development. An OMYC tax on all services rendered by village members will contribute to the payment of the forest concession rent, reducing the need for timber harvests and increasing the value of Uaxactun’s standing forests for ecotourism in the future.

Agreements and activities with Ecotourism and Adventure Specialists will hopefully set an example for relationships between rural communities and private sector ecotourism companies that other tourism companies may follow. We hope this example may inspire others to invest in conservation, in our fellow human being’s education and well being and in improving visitors' appreciation of our planet and it resources. A forest standing will always produce more benefits to more people, for a considerably long period of time than those forests killed by carelessness, short-term vision and excess of greed...

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